Monday, November 18, 2019

VoIP Call Analysis Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

VoIP Call Analysis - Research Proposal Example Most often than not, users are faced with basic problems, which include link problems leading to packet losses, mouth-to-ear delays, and jitter of VoIP. These problems generally undermine the quality of service involved in the use of VoIP. It is against this backdrop that the present research proposal has become necessary in coming with receiver endpoint interventions based on the use of empirically trusted system like the Empirix Hammer Call Analyzer in curtailing the problems. The proposed research is backed with an overall aim of analyzing VoIP calls to come out with receiver endpoint interventions that will curtail basic problems that affect the quality of service in the use of VoIP. This is indeed a generalized aim that will be achieved upon achieving a number of specific objectives. These specific objectives could be listed as follows: 1. To identify sources of major factors that hinder quality of service in the use of VoIP. 2. To scrutinize how issues of poor quality of servic e in the use of VoIP discourage the use of VoIP. 3. To outline various interventions that can be used in solving issues of poor quality of service in the use of VoIP. 4. To subject the specific call testing software tool, Hammer into scrutiny in finding how it can be used to swiftly locate, test, and diagnose issues in complex IP environments. The proposed research shall specifically follow the qualitative research design. This means that data shall be collected qualitatively by relying on secondary data. Secondary data collection has often been recommended for technical researches of this nature as they present the researcher with the opportunity to gaining assess to data from reliable and empirical sources in a specific field of study (Goldman, Cahill, and Filho, 2009)). To this end, the researcher shall employ the use of subjective case study to critically study a prevailing situation on quality of service associated with VoIP. What this means is that a couple of existing researc hes that have tackled quality of service in VoIP usage shall be sampled and focused on. Much attention shall however be given to the case of Empirix Hammer Call Analyzer as an intervention in solving most of the identified problems. As part of the case study, the researcher shall also review literature extensively because the review of related literature would in the long run act as the researcher’s data collection procedure. As part of the approach in conducting the research and for that matter data

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