Friday, January 24, 2020

Essay --

The life of a Greek is typically average. You go to school, get a job, find the person you want to marry... you know how it goes. All of this changes when you are describing one specific type of Greek, a â€Å"Karpathian†, who comes from a tiny little island in Greece called Karpathos. To most non-Greeks, Karpathos is barely a tourist attraction, as there are much bigger and more interesting islands found within the country. But to us Karpathians, few other places compare to its magnificence. What is troubling, however, is the complicated process of dating and marriage. This society of people take everything you thought you knew about relationships to a whole new level. Everyone who’s anyone in the Karpathian community knows that nothing compares to a summer in Karpathos. The beaches alone could easily persuade you never to leave. During the course of the summer, there are multiple weddings scattered across the island. Surprisingly, these weddings are the epitome of what it means to be Karpathian. What does it take to reach this climax of a Karpathian’s life, marriage, one might ask. Well I can assure you that this process is anything but simple. To start off, the young are groomed from birth to become the highest quality spouse. Boys are expected to be an excellent student and go to Karpathos every summer. The island is their place to shine, so being seen in ordinary clothes could potentially be a big mistake. It is recommended that you pack the best brands money can buy: Burberry, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, etc. Furthermore, if the brand is not clearly visible, you might as well not wear the article of clothing at all. The girls of the island have standards that are just as important. Ten pounds of makeup is a given, i... ... could quite possibly be â€Å"What does love have to do with being able to show off all of your cool things during the summer?†. The concepts that go along with this strange charade have not changed all that much throughout the years, but the methods certainly have. With social media now and integral part of everyday-lives, maintaing your appearance has now turned into a year-long affair. Since the summer is not the only time your potential spouses will be seeing you, (even if it’s via social media) you must post the right things and carefully stage photo-ops. Instagram, Twitter, and other social media applications have become virtual extensions of summer socializing in Karpathos. Above all, reputation is key, guard it no matter what. You do not want to risk the island knowing you are actually a superficial person that is only interested in possessions, now you do?

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