Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Environmental Data Analysis with MatLab

Question: Discuss the benefits and challenges you have derived from undertaking Environmental Management for Sustainable Development? Answer: The present assignment will conclude the different kinds of challenges and advantages, which are reached by the different environmental management system to develop and maintain a sustainable environment development process. The objective of the study is to analyze all the significant factors, which will conclude about the importance of sustainability in any country. In the era of globalization, the notion of the industrialization is very common (Boylan, 2014). The government of different country faces different kinds of challenges and barriers in order to maintain a proper environmental sustainability. Pollution is one of the major threats towards maintaining a healthy and sustainability environment (Menke and Menke, 2012). There are different kinds of elements, which pollute the environment, and sometimes it becomes very much difficult to manage and control pollution in the country. The following part of the study will conclude about the various factors, which will emphasize about the benefits and challenges of the sustainable development process in the country (Montgomery, 2014). Maintaining an eco-friendly environment and green environment in the country puts different kinds of positive impacts on the environmental sustainability process. However, to keep a proper environmental sustainability in the country, there are particular challenges faced by the NGOs and government with a view to maintaining a proper environmental sustainability plans and programs (Murphy and King, 2014). I feel that development of an eco-friendly environment will result in various beneficial processes. It is better for the society. Growing pollution is one of the biggest problems, which every country faces whether it is a developed country or a developing country. Industrialization is the primary factor to evaluate this particular statement in the assignment. The rise of industrialization in the era of globalization puts both positive impact as well as negative impact towards an increase in the productivity of the country. From my experience, the advantages of industrialization incre ase the overall purchasing power of the customers. However, the major drawbacks towards of industrialization are the rise in the level of pollution in the country. There are different kinds of pollution in the country. I feel that while organizing this particular research process, the notion of industrialization has increased air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution. Developing different kinds of rules and regulations by the government is the ultimate solution in order to solve this particular problem. There are various types of the research process, which are undertaken with a view to concluding the entire investigation process. I feel that adopting a proper data analyzing process will finish with the best findings to complete the whole investigation process. I have mainly emphasized in the application of the secondary mode of data collection, which allowed me to conclude about different kinds of a second research paper on environmental sustainability management followed by various types of statistical datas and official websites of various NGOs. This particular investigation process will help the readers to conclude what are the different kinds of challenges and benefits which majority of the NGOs faces towards maintaining a sustained pollution free environment in the country. Reference List Boylan, M. (2014).Environmental ethics. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley Sons, Inc. Menke, W. and Menke, J. (2012).Environmental data analysis with MatLab. Burlington: Elsevier. Montgomery, C. (2014).Environmental geology. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Murphy, E. and King, E. (2014).Environmental noise pollution. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

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